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5 reasons you need a shoebox!

Monday, July 18th, 2016

It’s stylish. It’s storage. It’s a shoebox—but it’s not just for shoes.  You already know a Heatherly bedhead is a design anchor for your bedroom, but did you know an upholstered shoebox is more than just stylish storage? Here are five reasons a shoebox in your bedroom is a good idea.

1. Design feature

Selecting swatches for your Heatherly bedhead? Spare a thought for the humble shoebox. Like a faithful pup, it will sit at the foot of your bed and turn a house into a home by sheer force of decorative will.

A shoebox is a design feature in its own right so think about how it might affect what you’ve chosen for your bedhead. You might want your bedhead in the main hue of your palette and the shoebox in a complementary or contrasting colour.

Soho Shoebox in Vintage Flax

If you place the shoebox in its traditional position at the foot of the bed, you’ll have upholstery top and tail with your choice of bed linen in between. Be bold and experiment with layers of different shades and textures.

Tilbury Shoebox in Mode Linen

2. Decorative support

A shoebox can also offer style support in other ways. It’s great to have a display of plush cushions five-deep on the bed but where do they go at night? A shoebox is the perfect repository for all your gorgeous bed accessories for when darkness falls and you need to use the bed for its main purpose. You can also store spare or seasonal pieces there ready to use when the right time comes.

Shoebox in Glitz Silver hero

3. Stylish seat

Don’t forget the shoebox is not just for storage, it’s also a seat. Although the implied purpose is that you sit and put on your shoes, shoeboxes make a comfortable upholstered bench seat for when your bedroom is the wrong shape or size for a chair. It can sit flush against the foot of your bed, a wall or a window, or sit like an island—versatility not all chairs have. It might also be the best choice if you have space issues and need to pick between seat or storage—why not both?

4. Soften child’s play

Already boasting a triple threat of style, seat, and storage, a shoebox is undeniably practical, but did you notice it’s also practically childproof? The upholstered surfaces provide some padding to guard sharp corners so it’s safe to have one in the kids’ bedroom, but it’s also a versatile piece of furniture they can keep in a changing room as they age. Who says a shoebox can’t store toys then secret diaries over the years?

Tilbury Shoebox in Mode Linen

5. Tidying up

Sick of wading through your ‘floordrobe’ to get to bed? A shoebox encourages you to tidy up and stow things away, so why not use it like a luxury laundry basket? Pop a laundry sack in there and direct your mess under the lid.

If you think that’s a serious abuse of a beautiful bedroom accessory, perhaps using the shoebox for off-season clothing is a better idea. After all, it was designed to hold shoes you don’t wear every day, so giving it items from your seasonal wardrobe has some appeal.

What will you do with your Heatherly shoebox?

Shoebox Open in Vintage Flax

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