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8 styling tips to beautify any bedroom

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Heatherly turns eight this week so to celebrate I’m sharing with you my eight favourite styling tips to take any boudoir from drab to fab.


  1. Flowers

Fresh flowers in the bedroom are a little luxury that doesn’t have to cost the earth. They brighten your bedside or vanity and they throw a divine scent around the room, reminding you of the great outdoors.

If you can’t commit to fresh flora in your bedroom on a regular basis, opt for a beautifully scented candle or essence. We love anything by Peppermint Grove.



  1. Lighting

We see some fabulous bedrooms with great lighting that actually forgets its purpose: to provide light for various activities, like bedtime reading. As well as selecting for aesthetic appeal, think about what you use the room for and consider the lighting you need to do those activities. You may find you need ambient light to get dressed for a night out but task lights for reading, for example.



  1. Artwork

Some of our client consider placing artwork above the bedhead, but we think it can detract from the bedhead.   Make the bedhead a feature and instead position artwork on the walls either side of the bed for balance. That way you can also enjoy it from the bed!



  1. Bed

You can use always use the layers on your bed (bedlinen, throws, pillows and cushions) to enhance the design of your bedroom. I like to change my linen with the seasons: velvet throws in winter to evoke warmth and linen in summer for stylish cool.

Don’t feel you have to match the pillowcases with the doona cover. Play with textures and colours and use pillowslips to tie together colours in the room, add interest with a distinctive pattern or texture, or act as a bold contrast.



  1. Storage

I love designing with cushions and pillows but when it comes to bedtime, you need somewhere to put them so they don’t end up on the floor. A shoebox is a perfect addition to any bedroom to store those pillows or anything else you’re not using all the time, like throws and extra linen (even actual shoes). It’s also a handy seat for when you’re taking off your shoes at the end of the day.



  1. Flooring

If you have exposed floorboards, consider a special rug  for beside the bed. It just makes it a little more comfortable for when you first get out of bed each morning and go to sleep at night. Choose a rug that acts as an accent for the colours and textures you’ve chosen for your room.


  1. Wallpaper

We love wallpaper and are so pleased there are now so many great options available! There’s no need to wallpaper an entire room, you can consider it for a feature wall only. Use it as a design layer in your bedroom behind other furniture to give the room depth.

My personal favourite is by Cole and Sons, called ‘Woods’, which now features in our daughter’s bedroom behind her Heatherly bedhead (Kensington in Husk Ice), which anchors the room. The addition of this wallpaper has given that unique edge she was looking for—a happy customer!


  1. Wardrobes

Just about every bedroom has a wardrobe but the doors are not always beautiful. In my master bedroom we had ugly wardrobe doors that we disguised with fabulous grass cloth wallpaper. Not only does it look great, it adds a lovely texture and warmth to the room. You can also easily change wardrobe door handles and use these as design accents.



We hope these tips give you something to work with next time you’re restyling your space. Happy birthday to us and happy bedroom to you!