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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

So you are upgrading your mattress and overwhelmed with all the options to choose from in bedroom furniture. So many of our showroom clients come to us looking for answers so we thought we would share a little insight from the Heatherly Design team which may help you along your way.

As far as comfort goes, there really is no difference between sleeping on a timber slat base or an ensemble mattress base. It is all in the quality of the mattress on top!

The main advantage of a fully upholstered base is ascetics with the clean line created with Chelseathe bed base raised off the floor. With choosing an upholstered bed, you have the option to consider a higher foot end which provides a backdrop for a footstool or shoebox whilst at the same time providing for a clean line to tuck the end of your doona into.

When we design a full bed, you can specify what height you would like to be sleeping off the floor. Some of our more contemporary bedheads call for a lower mattress where a deep buttoned velvet bedhead is calling out for a little height to offset the grandeur in the button detail. We work with all our clients in determining what best suits their needs.

With smaller bedrooms, an upholstered bed with clearance underneath gives a feeling of more space in the room.

So what are the advantages of a bedhead and valance option?

So you are thinking you are comfortable with a mattress and ensemble base and are wondering why your bed still doesn’t look complete. By adding an upholstered bedhead you are creating a vertical layer to the mattress which helps proportion the scale of your mattress by taking your eye to the detail on the wall behind the bed whilst at the same time Dolce Prussian Valancegiving you a layer of comfort to rest against at night whilst reading. Disguising the base of the bed with a co-ordinating valance will ground the bed base and visually connect it to the bedhead. No gathers or pleats in our valances, they are there to look tailored and create a clean line and to possibly hide drawers in the base. Our valance design ensures no movement on the bed base will occur and as it is designed to specified measurements and fits like a glove.

So which bedhead design for you?
Very quickly you will know whether our more contemporary tailored designs like the Sackville, Hugo or Richmond work for you or the deep buttoned traditional designs like our Sackville in Pedra Frost
Soho, Albertine or wing backed bedheads are more what you are looking for. I would suggest the Chelsea and Ralston can work in either of these applications.

Once you have determined which bedhead is the one, then we talk fabric…..

The first question to ask yourself is do you prefer Velvet or Linen?  So many say linen without actually contemplating the benefits of a soft handled velvet in the bedroom. There are so many versions of velvet now, some are matt some are gloss, but all that we have as part of our range work beautifully in a bedroom and are not as traditional as some of us are lead to believe a velvet maybe.
Some bedhead designs don’t always suit a velvet. There are no rules in this instance but we can certainly guide you on what we know works well.
We can’t forget felt. Our Augustus felt is positively divine made up in a Fenwick or panelledKasper bedhead. It certainly suits more of a contemporary design and offers a soft handled feel at the same time.

How to choose the right height for your bedhead?  We have a formula which we work with once your order is confirmed. We tailor every design to your mattress and bedhead design chosen. Once your order is confirmed, we ask for some simple measurements from you to ensure your designs are tailored to your requirements.

So ask yourself the above questions and very soon you will find what you are looking for! Well that’s the theory!! We are here to help so don’t hesitate to phone to discuss your requirements.