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A bedroom of one’s own: our favourite private sanctuaries

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

A bedroom is a space for rest and one way to quickly switch to relaxation mode is by design. Here are some of our favourite bedrooms that inspire holiday daydreams.

Image 1

Outside In

What a way to take advantage of the view! The full-sized windows maximise the viewing area of the great outdoors, creating the feel of a bush sanctuary whether you’re waking up with the dawn’s light or relaxing with a book in the deep canvas chair. The windows also let in plenty of beautiful natural light, which is then diffused by the white walls and bedclothes. We love the smart casual approach as well. The chair is akin to a camping chair but is more like a glamping accessory and the woven straw mat brings another layer into the natural palette on top of the wooden floor and light wood furniture.

Image 2

Halcyon daze

Halcyon House in Northern NSW has received Anna Spiro’s ‘true blue’ touch. The combination of blue and white, one of her signature looks, echoes the ocean’s waves to instantly create a holiday mood. The wallpaper here is unusually busy for a beachside retreat but your eyes have somewhere to rest with the white bedspread and calico hued curtains.

The vintage bedside table and bronze lamp are a nice touch to blend the vintage and modern aesthetics of the hotel, one that lives up to its name, halcyon meaning ‘a time in the past considered idyllic and peaceful’.

Image 3

Space to relax

If your daily life is crowded with people to see and things to do, a room like this is like a holiday for your brain. There’s plenty of space to let your mind wander, assisted by the high ceiling and the white, making the room expansive and spacious.

The minimalist aesthetic—small, framed picture, discreet branches tucked in a vase by the door and simple drop lamps—paired with the blue-grey palette is there to help you relax rather than distract.

Image 4

Peace at last

Gently does it… The subdued colours and softened features of this bedroom immediately give it a dreamlike quality. There are simple but beautiful items all around, from the nature-themed picture to the posy of white flowers by the bed, and the overall effect is naturalistic.

We also love love love the soft grey duvet on white, which lends a cosy atmosphere. You could be dreaming of a private white sand beach or a winter wonderland in a room like this.

Image 5

Holiday cheer!

Cheer up! It’s time to make your escape from the daily grind. A bedroom like this is like spring after a dark winter—it’s amazing how easily a splash of the right colours can improve your mood. Coral and aqua are pretty highlights and these colours are happily reminiscent of flowers and fun times. The natural wood of the bedside lamp picks up on this too.

Our popular Fenwick bedhead lets you choose coloured cross stitches to lift a neutral background fabric and match with your manchester, or you can go all out and choose brightly-hued fabric.

We love seeing how you make your bedroom into a sanctuary, a place to dream, so don’t forget to send us a photo showing us how you’ve styled your Heatherly bedhead.