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As seen on TV

All bedheads featured on the 2017 Block series can be found on our shop now page.
Prior to working with the contestants this year, we have had many other designs featured on The Block, Reno Rumble and House Rules over recent years.
We are used to phone calls along the line of…“Hi Heatherly, need a bedhead but have a tight deadline, can we get delivery in 48 hours?”

Unbeknown to us, were these conversations were often recorded and aired on national television but that is what reality television is all about isn’t it?

There was one time when Jenna rang to say I am on the freeway and heading your way to look at your designs.  “Yes no problem” I replied.  The film crew were in the next car and our team were filmed in action that day.

Maddy from House Rules actually wanted to choose her design in our showroom so  I was connected to a mic and her consultation went to air in our humble little showroom before we moved to our palatial new showroom across the road!

It has been a fun ride, one that has drawn attention to how important upholstered bedheads are.  We have enjoyed working with so many enthusiastic contestants.
With so many different designs featured, the contestants certainly gave us all an insight into styling a bedroom with that finishing touch and extra layer of comfort a bedhead offers.  Here are some design from previous years below…


We were chuffed to receive a call from Anastasia who required some assistance with one of our bedheads for their second bedroom renovation. Check out the episode in full here or skip to 52mins.15 to catch me on the phone with Anastatsia.


Julia and Sasha – The Block
Lincoln in Liasion Peacock

Julia & Sasha – The Block
Fulham in Ashton Grey Velvet

Shay & Dean – The Block
Alessio bed in Trench Leather

Ayden & Jess – Reno Rumble
Fulham Bedhead in Trellis Ivory

Tim and Anastasia – The Block
Crosby Chair in Vintage Platinum Linen

Tim and Anastasia – The Block
Astor Bedhead in Vintage Platinum

Dan & Danni – The Block
Soho Bedhead in Dolce Cobalt and Shoebox in Vintage Flax Linen

Maddi & Lloyd – House Rules
Waldorf Bedhead in Dolce Marble

Mark & JJ – The Block Elimination Bedroom reveals
Richmond Bedhead in Husk Peat Linen

Dan & Danni – The Block
Sackville Bedhead in Dolce Marble Velvet

Josh & Jenna – The Block
Richmond Bedhead in Sienna Pebble

Amie & Katrina – The Block
Fenwick Bedhead in Vintage Steel Linen

Dan & Danni – The Block
Portobello Bedhead in Vintage Natural Linen

Dan & Danni – The Block
Fenwick Bedhead in Augustus Armour Felt

Michael & Carlene – The Block
Fenwick Bedhead in Augustus Midnight

Ayden & Jess – Reno Rumble
Tilbury Bedhead in Husk Linen

Michael & Carlene – Reno Rumble
Kensington Bedhead in Wedgewood Velvet