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Hand-crafted at Heatherly: How we build your bespoke bedhead

Friday, March 13th, 2015

A Heatherly bedhead is a bespoke bedhead. You may have heard the word ‘bespoke’ before, but sadly it’s a word too often used to describe things that aren’t.

Bespoke is not merely ‘special’ or ‘beautifully made’, though you already know Heatherly products are both of these. Bespoke is also not simply customisation, although being able to choose sizes and fabrics is a part of the process. We even let you BYO fabric if you’re after a particular look that our extensive fabric library can’t provide.

Truly bespoke objects are products that have been made specifically for the customer from scratch. When you order a Heatherly bedhead, you are getting a truly bespoke product—we don’t start working on your bedhead until we’ve confirmed all your preferences and the measurements of your mattress. Of course this takes longer than just picking a design from a catalogue, but why get something that’s nearly right when there’s a perfect bespoke product on offer?

What suits you?

The designs we have on offer give you the foundation. Bedheads perform a specific function so they need to have a practical form before you choose the aesthetic elements.

The effect of being able to choose your own fabric, specify a finished height and nominate finishing touches, such as studding or contrast piping, means you might have the same design of bedhead as a dozen other people, but it will look completely different in your bedroom.

Here’s an example of our Hampton wingback in five different guises:

Hampton in Dolce Marble (3)Hampton Velvet Dolce Marble: A neutral, earthy hue with a velvet texture. This enables the bedhead to play with light and acts as an anchor to the colours and patterns on the bed. Note how the studs and the metal finish of the bedside accessories act as warm reflective accents.

Hampton Bedhead in Velvet Gate TuxedoHampton Velvet Gate Tuxedo: This is the same design, finished in a very special fabric that has an overlaid velvet pattern embroidered on linen, giving the bedhead a starring role in the room’s overall look instead of being a backdrop. The studs are less prominent because of the boldness of the pattern.

Hampton Bedhead in Hydrandgea Linen3Hampton Hydrangea Linen I: The Hydrangea pattern can work both as a statement with neutral bedlinen, or in support of something bolder. In this particular case it’s a balance of both as the cushions in the foreground complement rather than dominate the bedhead. Linen doesn’t play with the light the same way velvet does, but its texture still adds interest. Notice how the studs work like a subtle outline so the pattern doesn’t get swallowed into the wall.

Hampton in Hydrandgea LinenHampton Hydrangea Linen II: Although this is the same pattern as the previous image, the different colours make it look like a completely different bedhead. Colour can be used to make the bedhead stand out, but the placement of the solid blue cushions against the bedhead means it becomes an interesting support act. This customer chose not to have studs, but the pattern contrasts sufficiently from the wall colour to hold its own. (Cat available separately!)

Hampton in clients own Velvet1Hampton in velvet: Here’s a truly unique bedhead—supply your own fabric. Our client provided this fabric and the result? It perfectly reflects the other elements in the room, from the complementary colours down to the gleam of the studs picking up the lighter aspects of the marble bedside tabletop and the pale fabric of the chair.

We don’t expect everything in your bedroom to revolve around the bedhead, so consider the BYO option if we don’t have anything suitable and you want your bedhead to fit your existing furnishings and palette.

So now you know what a truly bespoke bedhead is and what you can do with different options. If you have an idea of what you’re after, give us a call and we can help you with fabric samples and suggestions on what will complement your style.