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Profiling a client’s request for her son’s bedroom

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

We were delighted we could supply a bedhead for a young boy with haemophilia, a rare bleeding disorder.   A soft bedhead was critical at night to prevent injury during sleep. 
It is emails like this that bring us so much joy and satisfaction.  

Squared Childrens bedhead in Richmond navyDear Georgie,

I wanted to write and thank you for our bedhead. It has been the perfect addition to our son’s new bedroom in more ways than you can imagine.
Tom is three years old and is a severe hemophiliac- his blood contains no clotting factor. This makes life with a very active boy complicated! We were very concerned when purchasing a bed for him as we feared bleeds to his head with a wooden bedhead and also the risk of falling out of bed and hitting the side sections of a traditional bed. Therefore we opted for a bed and base as the safest option. The only drawback was often in a restless sleep Tom would bang is head on the wall (very loudly!) and although this rarely resulted in a bleed it was awful to hear and very worrying. The other issue was his bedroom never looked ‘finished’ with the bed and base up against the wall.
When I saw your article in an issue of ‘House and Garden’ magazine I was very excited. The bedheads featured were exactly what I had in mind, yet had never managed to find in a shop. Your website was very user friendly and the service you provided – outstanding. I appreciated your offer of a discounted bedhead used in a photo shoot and luckily it matched in perfectly with everything else!
Whilst it looks sensational it has answered my prayers in more ways than being visually pleasing. When I tuck Tom into bed at night he is snuggled up with his head on the pillow right next to his lovely padded bedhead. It is so much safer for him and we have not heard a sickening bump in the night since.
Whilst the intention of this email was to thank you for the excellent product and service, I also wanted to request your permission. We are members of the Victorian  Haemophilia Foundation (HFV) which supports individuals and families with bleeding disorders such as haemophilia. They produce a regular newsletter and it is very useful to read of other families experiences and things that make life easier. I was wondering if you would mind me passing on your business postcard and a short letter explaining our experiences with Tom’s bed and what a fantastic solution your bedhead has been. There may be other families who are having the same problems we experienced and would be interested in your product.
Thanks again for everything,
Rebecca B
Bannockburn  VICTORIA