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Drop everything: How pendant lighting can change your bedroom ….

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Lighting is the one accessory (other than a bedhead, of course) that can change the look and feel of your bedroom overnight. Pendant lighting is the flavour of the month in many home magazines we’ve picked up lately, and no wonder—the result is spot on! If you want the latest look, here’s a guide on how to use pendant fixtures in the bedroom.

Pendant lighting as a feature

A collection of lights hung at different heights is a fabulous way of creating a unique focal point above your bed. We have seen this done beautifully in restaurants and bars all over town to great effect, so why not in the bedroom?

Unless you have one large pendant fixture, it’s important that lights are grouped so they are visually connected as one feature. An odd number tends to look better, but rules can be broken as you can see in the picture below.

If you’re going to use your lighting as a feature, choose fixtures that reflect the overall look of the room. Our glamorous Mayfair design oozes luxury so it’s no wonder a popular lighting pairing is none other than a chandelier.

Mayfair Bedhead in Shimmer Quartz


Pendant fixtures as fabulous and functional

If you have very high ceilings or a low bed, a pendant light can close the space between to make the bedroom a cosier place. It also brings the light closer to where you might need it.

Darren and Dee from The Block featured this low-slung bed complete with pendant lights over the bedside areas, which are perfectly placed to give ample light for reading.


You can also use pendant lights to bring out features in other parts of your bedroom. This is a Heatherly design called Bailey in Dolce pewter, which our client Peta has perfectly combined with a pair of striking pendant lights that bring out the beautiful studding detail on the bedhead. She has certainly put a lot of thought in these finishing touches and it has paid off in bucketloads!

Bailey Bed in Dolce Pewter1

Mark Douglass, who we consider the ‘Mr Lighting’ of Melbourne, is a master glassmaker with a keen eye for good design. Here we feature his stunning pendant light with our Kasper bedhead.  Notice how the light hangs just in line with the top of our bedhead. This balance ensures the ensemble works together, particularly as the tone of the light picks up the colours of the bedside table and the linen.

Kasper Bedhead in Augustus Linen

Pendant lighting is incredibly versatile. With a range of heights, sizes, shapes and colours you can make small changes with a big design impact, which is why we love it.   Send us photos of how you have used pendant lighting in your bedroom.  We are putting together a pinterest board dedicated to this detail and would love to include your bedroom as well.