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Upholstered Bed Base

How about a fully upholstered bed frame inclusive of timber slat base to go with your Heatherly bedhead?


  • Every bed is custom made to your specifications.  We have a proven formula to ensure the proportions are perfect for your chosen bedhead.
  • Our solid timber slat base is drilled to the frame so no movement occurs.
  • All king size frames have additional support through the centre of the bed.
  • Opportunity for a higher foot end to finish just above the top of the mattress for extra luxury.
  • Choose either a recessed leg for a floating bed effect and no stubbed toes (!!) or make a feature of the legs on each corner.  Alternatively upholstered frames can finish on the floor with no leg.
  • Height of upholstered frame varies dependant on how high you wish to sleep from the floor.
  • Upholstered bed base frames come in heights of 14cm, 19cm, 23cm and 28cm.
  • Mattresses can sit flush on top of the frame or be recessed up to 6cm.  Std is 2.5cm.
HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? To calculate the total cost of your design, add the cost of your preferred bed base to your chosen bedhead design. The total cost is the combination of the two amounts. An optional higher foot end is available at $550.
Rupert bed in Canterbury Slate Linen (4)Upholstered bed featuring Rupert bedhead in  Augustus Glacier FeltUpholstered bed featuring Mirabelle bedhead in Liaison Ocean VelvetUpholstered bed featuring Mirabelle bedhead in Liaison Ocean VelvetUpholstered bed featuring Kasper Bedhead in Augustus Linen FeltUpholstered bed finished in Shimmer Quartz linen with timber slat bed base (fabric no longer available)Upholstered bed featuring Rupert Bedhead in Boston Asphalt LinenUpholstered bed featuring Chelsea bedhead and raised foot in Vintage Flint LinenUpholstered bed featuring Mirabelle bedhead in Liaison Ocean VelvetUpholstered bed featuring Alessio bedhead in Trench LeatherUpholstered bed featuring Rupert bedhead in Augustus Glacier FeltUpholstered bed featuring Bailey bedhead with high footend  in Tabuk Pewter ChenilleNatural round leg recessed into bedUpholstered bed in Shimmer Quartz Linen with square tapered Dark Walnut leg (fabric no longer available)Upholstered bed featuring Rupert bedhead in Augustus Glacier FeltUpholstered bed featuring Richmond Bedhead in Husk DustUpholstered bed to the floor featuring Fulham Bedhead in Ella Peacock VelvetUpholstered bed featuring Alessio bedhead in Trench LeatherUpholstered bed featuring Rupert bedhead in Augustus Glacier FeltUpholstered bed featuring Richmond bedhead in Husk Dust LinenUpholstered Bed in Boston Asphalt LinenUpholstered bed in Ella Graphite with higher footend
Rupert bed in Canterbury Slate Linen (4)

Upholstered Bed Base


Select Frame

Select Leg Type

Cabriole Leg
Round Leg
Squared tapered

Select recessed 200mm in from corner to give floating bed base

Select Leg Stain

Dark Walnut

Select Bed Size

Select Fabric Option

Select Fabric Type

Refine Selection

Leilani LF1 Multi
Paniola Multi PMI Pink / Navy / Dark Green
Kaka Duck Solid KDS4 Bright Pink
Paniola Multi PM8 Pumpkin / Navy / Dark Green
Paniola Multi PM 2 Yellow / Pink / Navy
Kahuna Multi KM1
Kahuna Solid KS2 Light Blue
Kaka Duck Solid KDS2 Pale Blue
Kahuna KS3 Taupe
Paniola Multi PM6 Navy / Dark Green / Light Blue
Kahuna Solid KS1 Navy
Kaka Duck Solid KDS1 Navy
Kaka Duck Solid KDS2 Taupe
Paniola Multi PM3 Dark Green / Light Blue / Navy
Kahuna Solid KS3 Dark Green
Kaka Duck Solid KDS3 Dark Green
Linen Pedra Whitewash
Velvet Ella Marble
Velvet Kimpton Cream
Leather Hide Polar
Linen Villano Silver
Linen Pedra Frost
Velvet Geneva Avalanche
Leather Hide Ivory
Linen Diego Porcelain
Linen Husk Dust
Linen Husk Marble
Velvet Ella Eggshell
Velvet Valentino Almond
Linen Willow Natural
Velvet Kimpton Sand
Linen Linden Old Gold
Linen Boston Ash
Linen Boston Dark Grey
Velvet Lux Platinum
Linen Boston Flax
Linen Canterbury Slate
Linen Canterbury Alloy
Velvet Ashton Grey Mist
Linen Linden Dove
Linen Linden Silver
Velvet Ellison Grey Dusk
Velvet Ellison Warm Silver
Velvet Valentino Silverstream
Felt Augustus Zinc
Linen Husk Ice
Linen Canterbury Platinum
Linen Boston Pewter
Linen Husk Smoke
Velvet Ella Natural
Linen Boston Cement
Linen Boston Oatmeal
Washed Birch Linen
Velvet Ella Pumice
Velvet Ellison Linen
Linen Boston Elephant
Linen Husk Limestone
Felt Augustus Linen
Velvet Geneva Schist
Velvet Ella Quartz
Linen Willow Silver
Belgian Linen Vintage Platinum
Velvet Nirvana Silver
Linen Husk Linen
Velvet Dolce Marble
Linen Villano Slate
Velvet Ella Stone
Linen Linden Blue Steel
Velvet Geneva Cloud
Linen Diego Dew
Velvet Dolce Arctic
Washed Linen Mist Grey
Linen Husk Cement
Linen Canterbury Graphite
Velvet Valentino Feather
Velvet Nirvana Slate
Belgian Linen Vintage Ash
Velvet Liaison Silk
Felt Augustus Porcelain
Velvet Liaison Linen
Whistler Leather
Leather Hide Clove
Leather Hide Doeskin
Linen Boston Bluestone
Leather Hide Burrow
Velvet Dolce Wisteria
Leather Hide Dark Chocolate
Linen Husk Polo
Linen Canterbury Wisteria
Linen Villano Eclipse
Villano French Grey Linen
Velvet Geneva Glacier
Velvet Dolce Lagoon
Linen Willow Platinum
Linen Husk Amalfi
Velvet Ellison Sky
Linen Linden Wedgewood
Felt Augustus Pacific
Velvet Liaison Storm
Velvet Liaison Midnight
Velvet Ella Santorini
Velvet Ellison Cornflower
Velvet Ellison Indigo
Linen Linden Pacific
Felt Augustus Aegean
Velvet Ellison Navy
Felt Augustus Glacier
Velvet Kimpton Porcelain
Velvet Ella Peacock
Velvet Valentino Pond
Velvet Ellison Reef
Velvet Dolce Emerald
Velvet Valentino Lawn
Velvet Kimpton Teal
Linen Linden Emerald
Velvet Ellison Peacock
Velvet Liaison Peacock
Velvet Valentino Hedge
Velvet Ellison Forest
Velvet Liaison Forest
Velvet Nirvana Seaspray
Linen Canterbury Seafoam
Linen Husk Steel
Chenille Tabuk Pewter
Linen Boston Slate
Felt Augustus Ocean
Linen Canterbury Lagoon
Linen Villano Serpentine
Washed Linen Petrol
Velvet Dolce Prussian
Linen Boston Aegean Blue
Velvet Dolce Teal
Linen Villano Ink
Velvet Liaison Ocean
Velvet Kimpton Ink
Linen Husk Ocean
Velvet Dolce Cobalt
Smokey Blue Felt
Linen Canterbury Midnight
Velvet Liaison Arctic
Linen Canterbury Navy
Felt Augustus Ink
Velvet Dolce Ink
Felt Augustus Midnight
Velvet Ella Ocean
Linen Diego Denium
Linen Boston Indigo
Velvet Valentino Midnight
Washed Linen Marine
Linen Boston Navy
Felt Augustus Wolf
Linen Pedra Granite
Linen Villano Granite
Linen Villano Mist
Belgian Linen Vintage Slate
Velvet Dolce Onyx
Velvet Valentino Marcasite
Velvet Ellison Black
Velvet Kimpton Griffin
Velvet Ellison Charcoal
Linen Husk Peat
Linen Linden Charcoal
Velvet Dolce Pewter
Boston Asphalt Linen
Felt Augustus Armour
Washed Linen Anthracite
Velvet Ella Graphite
Linen Pedra Gunmetal
Velvet Ashton Magnesium
Belgian Linen Vintage Shadow
Linen Villano Lead
Velvet Dolce Midnight
Velvet Geneva Flint
Leather Hide Black
Felt Augustus Ebony
Velvet Kimpton Ebony
Linen Diego Nero
Velvet Liaison Ebony
Velvet Ella Onyx
Linen Pedra Marcasite
Linen Canterbury Forest
Leather Hide Trench
Linen Boston Natural
Velvet Ellison Federal Gold
Velvet Valentino Citrine
Velvet Nirvana Citrine
Velvet Ellison Garnet
Velvet Nirvana Divine
Linen Boston Oyster
Velvet Dolce Ivory
Linen Pedra Shell
Linen Willow Oatmeal
Linen Boston Chino
Velvet Dolce Jasper
Velvet Dolce Ore
Velvet Ellison Shell
Felt Augustus Marshmallow
Linen Boston Shell Pink
Velvet Ellison Lavender Pink
Linen Villano Waterlily
Velvet Ellison Pop
Linen Glitz Orchid
Linen Glitz Peony
Velvet Kimpton Azalea
Velvet Liaison Lipstick
Leather Hide Acorn
Velvet Gate White Linen
Catherine Martin Velvet
Velvet Gate Tuxedo
Linen Cezani Pewter
Linen Cezani Indigo
Linen Uzbek

Review your order

This quoted price is for the upholstered bed base only.
Please include bedhead in your order.

  • Frame: Please choose a Frame
  • Leg Type: Please choose a Leg Type
  • recessed 200mm in from corner to give floating bed base: Please choose a recessed 200mm in from corner to give floating bed base
  • Leg Stain: Please choose a Leg Stain
  • Size: Please choose a Size
  • Fabric Option: Please choose a Fabric Option
  • Fabric Type: Please choose a Fabric Type
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