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Profiling a client’s request for a custom made bedhead for a bedroom in a loft of an old church

Friday, December 17th, 2010

When gorgeous Narelle contacted us from Adelaide,  “The City of Churches” asking us to help her design a slat base upholstered bed for her new home in a converted church, we were quick to jump at the challenge.  The curved walls of the Church’s mezzanine caused all sorts of design issues.  Not being able to place the bedhead flush against the wall, we worked with Narelle in designing a custom made bed that was aesthetically pleasing whilst at the same time working with the limitations in decorating on a mezzanine level.    We reduced the finished height of the bedhead to just one metre.  To ensure the Sackville panelling was in proportion with this lower bedhead, we scaled down the panelling and added a button to each corner as a finishing touch.   We also opted to lift the upholstered sides off the floor to create a sense of space under the bed by adding a timber foot at the base of the bed.   

The result, a “heavenly” night time retreat – wouldn’t you agree?   Narelle has kindly provided photos of her new home.  She has a great eye for detail.  Personally, I don’t think I will ever look at the bones of a church again in the same light without thinking – “where would I put the kitchen?”

Thank you Narelle for helping us all to think outside the square when it comes to the possibilities of where one’s next home may be……..

Dear Georgie,

Our mezzanine renovation has caused all sorts of design issues and your bed has not only been custom made around two single mattresses but the proportions look fabulous and the colour is a great neutral (despite being a shade of purple!). Frank keeps telling me how much he loves the bed…….. He hasn’t said that for any other purchase – from desk, sideboard, lounge, tv unit etc etc.   The functionality of it, made to size, doesn’t rock/move, slats are firm etc etc wins him over every night! 

Thanks so much.

Merry Christmas

Narelle P.
Torrens Park
South Australia