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Stylish storage suggestions for the bedroom

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Whether you’re looking for additional storage or simply want a stylish way to stash your stuff, as a private place away from human traffic your bedroom may be the ideal location to add this extra space. These three storage suggestions give you the option of disguising or doubling up on their purpose and are certainly important elements to consider when contemplating purchasing your bedroom furniture.

The box seat

We’re not just about bedheads here at Heatherly. Our plush shoe box is one fine looking seat that also hides storage compartments where you can store everything from—yes—shoes, to spare linen, cushions from the bed. We even help you sort appropriately by giving you the option of one, two or three compartments.

The best part—other than the fact that it’s as much a comfortable seat as it is storage—is you can tailor the look so it matches your bedhead, continuing the style you have already established in the bedroom.

Shoebox in Glitz Silver hero

Shoebox in Glitz  Silver lid detail

Richmond Shoebox in Glitz Silver Linen

Underbed secrets

If you know you’ll need extra storage when considering purchasing your next bed, why not opt for an ensemble base with storage drawers? Often our clients aren’t familiar this option is available. This is a fabulous way of utilising the space under your mattress whilst still retaining the ensemble mattress scenario which so many people favour. Heatherly Design can then disguise the base with a custom made valance in the same fabric as the bedhead. We design as special opening on each corner of the valance for easy access to the storage underneath. Visually the look is streamlined with the bedhead and valance as one with the added advantage of the space working for you underneath.

Soho - Dolce Cobalt 1      Valance2

Slide me under
The other alternative to the ensemble base is a fully upholstered bed. Unfortunately, Heatherly is not yet able to offer drawers in our fully upholstered beds but we can design the bed base to any height you want for clearance underneath for storage. The beauty of designing a custom made bed from Heatherly is you can specify how high you want the upholstered frame to start off the floor. This way dependant on what you are trying to store under the bed, you will be assured of the maximum storage space available.

Richmond bed in Husk Dust

Storage is something we can never have enough of. By maximising the space in your bedroom, you can be assured of having space for all those little extras that can sometimes be overlooked.