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  • Do you offer a trade discount to interior designers and decorators?
  • Upon verification of company details and that the designer/decorator has originally specified our product, Heatherly Design offers a 10% trade discount to interior designers and decorators.

  • Do Heatherly Design offer layby?
  • Yes, layby is available upon request.  We work with our clients on an individual basis in tailoring a payment plan to suit their needs.  Just phone our design studio and chat with us on what will best work for you.  We tailor payment plans to longer leadtimes which allows for renovations and/or moving home scenarios.

  • Do you have a showroom where we can view your designs?
  • Yes we have two showrooms, one is on site at our workshop in Knoxfield (30 minutes east of Melbourne CBD) and the other in Surry Hills, NSW.  Both showrooms are open by appointment on Friday’s and Saturday’s   You are welcome to visit to inspect designs and fabrics first hand.
    Please refer to the showroom booking page to make an appointment.


Design Details

  • Do you make Super King bedheads & bed?
  • As all our designs our custom made, any size is possible. We are getting more and more enquiries now for super king sizing. Just come through our talk to us page with details of which design you like and we can quote accordingly. The size of a super king mattress is 2030 wide x 2030 long. The finished width on a bedhead or bed is 2100.

  • What if I have a bedhead design in mind that is not shown on your site?
  • Our team of designers love a challenge and are only too happy to create the design you are after from a sketch or photograph.  Simply contact us with further details including image, design details, size and postcode and we will tailor a quotation for you.

  • Do you offer children’s bedheads?
  • Although we do not have a children’s page, any of our designs can be created for a children’s bedroom.  We can work with you on what your requirements are in this regard so don’t hesitate in asking us how!

  • How far does the mattress sit into your upholstered bed frame?
  • We drop the mattress into the upholstered frame by 25mm.  However if your mattress is deeper than standard, we can drop the mattress further into the frame to ensure the side profile is better proportioned.  These are all details we can discuss further with you prior to construction.

  • What is the allowance around the mattress with your upholstered bed frame for when changing sheets?
  • We allow 15mm either side of the mattress for easy access for changing sheets.  This can be made wider if you would prefer.

  • Do your upholstered beds have the option for drawers?
  • As much as we would love to offer this detail, unfortunately we are unable at this stage.  If storage is critical to you, we suggest purchasing an ensemble mattress and base which has drawers already built in.  We can then design a valance in the same fabric as your bedhead which will give the visual impression of an upholstered bed base connected to the bedhead.  The images on our valance page will assist you with how this scenario works.

  • What are the differences in your deep buttoned designs – Kensington, Albertine and Soho Bedheads
  • We are often asked for clarification on the design variation with our deep buttoned designs. Below you will find images from the workshop, so sorry no added propping with beautiful bedlinen and accessories but trust our descriptions and these photos help those contemplating a deep buttoned option understand each design a little better.


    The Kensington is the tradtional Chesterfield look with all over buttoning.  Visible above the mattress are 5 rowes of buttoning with the fabric hand pleated into each button.  We do encourage a finished height for this bedhead of 150cm so the maximum rows of buttoning can be seen above the mattress.


    The Albertine has the same pleated detail as the Kensington but there are only 3 rows of buttoning which creates a diamond pattern above the mattress.  The vertical lines either side of the button detail have been channel quilted offering a more defined line into the buttoning. Hand pleating is an alternative for the vertical detailing should you like the pleating through the buttoning and wish to continue above and below.


    The Soho has three rows of buttoning like the Albertine but is more stream lined with sewn seams into each button.  It is a little more understated without the hand pleating as with the other deep buttoned designs.

  • Can you tailor to my measurements?
  • Each Heatherly Designed piece is custom made and we work closely with you in ensuring your design is tailored to your requirements.  We ask for the measurements of your existing mattress and work with you to ensure your bedhead is in proportion with your mattress.  When it comes to designing a fully upholstered bed, you can specify what height you would like to sleep on from the floor and even how much clearance you would like under the bed for access.  These are just examples of how we work with you in achieving your desired result.

  • How do I choose my cross stitch colours for the Fenwick or saddle stitching detail on the Kasper or Hugo?
  • Simply specify the colour/s that you are after in the comments section when placing your order and we will confirm details in your design specification by return.

  • How far away from the wall does the Bromley sleigh bedhead sit at the base?
  • The design detail in the Bromley is all in the side profile.  The bedhead sits on the floor with the top edge resting against the wall.  The cavity in behind the base of the bed is 16cm. The finished height for the Bromley is suited more to a lower contemporary feel in around 130cm from the floor.  This can of course be “tweaked” based on you requirements.

  • What is the depth of a Heatherly Designed Bedhead?
  • The standard depth of our upholstered bedhead designs is 7cm.
    The Albertine, Kensington, Soho, Mayfair and Waldorf are approximately 10cm deep due to the nature of the deep buttoning in these designs.
    As each design is custom made, we can tailor this depth to suit certain requirements.
    In situations where there is minimal space at the end of the bed, we can reduce the depth if required.  Alternatively designs can be made deeper for a more contemporary look.

  • What widths do the bedheads come in?
  • Our standard width for all bedheads is below. They are made “oversized” to accommodate the additional width of a doona and/or blanket.   We are however happy to design a bedhead to your exact specification.  If you would rather a wider bedhead to encompass side tables or perhaps you need a narrower bedhead to allow for windows or light fittings either side of your bed, simply email us with your design brief.

    Single 100cm wide
    King single 114cm wide
    Double 144cm wide
    Queen 160cm wide
    King 190cm wide
  • What heights do the bedheads come in?
  • The upholstered component of each bedhead is 120cm high.  The extra height is achieved in the L-Shaped leg as outlined above.  Any height is possible; it is just a case of letting us know what you would prefer.  If you are unsure, then we have a “formula” in determining the best height for your chosen design based on your mattress height so can certainly guide you as to what we believe will work!
    Low 123cm
    Medium 135cm
    High 150cm

  • How do the L shaped metal legs work?
  • The L shaped metal legs are recessed into the frame of the bedhead which allows for a skirting board depth of 20mm ensuring that the bedhead sits flush on the wall.  This design ensures that when the bedhead is placed between the bed and the wall, it will rest securely against the wall with no need to fix to wall or bed base. At the base of each leg are two rubber stops which secure the design to the floor and ensure it doesn’t slip on floorboards. This support is included in the price. In the situation where skirting boards are deeper than 2cm, we can design the leg to taper the measurements you provide. All we need is the height and depth of skirting board and we then design the leg to fit accordingly.

    Holes are pre drilled for where the screws fix the legs to the back of the bedhead. Installation is very straight forward with screws provided.  All you require is a Phillips head screw driver or drill.

  • What sort of bed is it suitable for?
  • Freestanding bedheads are designed for use with ensembles and most slat beds.
    Ensemble beds comprise a mattress placed on top of a matching bed base.
    A slat bed is one where a mattress rests on a timber slat base.

  • What is a freestanding bedhead?
  • Hugo 1

    A freestanding bedhead is one that stands alone and does not need to be mounted to the wall or mattress.  The L shaped designed legs which sit in behind the mattress hold the weight of the bedhead and rest it securely against the wall.
    There is an option to attach wall mounting brackets to the back of a bedhead but from our experience, the legs are by far the simplest option for installation.


  • What are the characteristics of choosing our Trench Leather for a bedhead?
  • A full aniline leather which is dyed throughout with only a light coating of wax over the surface to give a very raw natural look.  It has a lovely natural appearance and handle but is less robust and will absorb stains more readily than leathers with pigments added to the surface.  Full aniline leathers have no pigments added to the surface to hide any blemishes (i.e. scars) or offer protection.  Like human skin, all hides are different.  Some hides can be more porous than others and will absorb the aniline dye at differing rates.

    Please be aware that there can be more colour variations with full aniline products as there are no pigments added to even out the colour.

  • What if I like the texture of a particular fabric but can’t find the colour I like in your range?
  • There are additional colours available in each design offered.  Simply contact Heatherly Design to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Can I supply my own fabric?
  • Yes of course you are welcome to supply your own fabric.  If you need help as to where to look for your preferred fabric, we can recommend fabric houses for you to visit and are only too happy to order on your behalf.
    Contact us to confirm fabric allowance and to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Can I order a cutting of my preferred fabric to see it in my room?
  • Yes most certainly. You are welcome to order up to 5 different cuttings for a cost $10, which is refundable at time of purchase. Payment is via PayPal, credit card or EFT.  Simply phone 03 57722089 or contact us through the website and we will assist you with your selection.

  • How do I maintain the fabric on my upholstered bedhead?
  • Our range of fabrics is carefully chosen based on durability and longevity.  All Heatherly Design bedheads will stand up to reasonable wear. You may clean on a low suction setting of a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate attachment.  If you require professional cleaning, you should use only cleaners that specialise in upholstery.  Heatherly Design does not recommend using spot cleaners.  All bedheads come with fabric cleaning guidelines.

  • What are the differences in your fabric ranges?
  • As we deal with many beautiful fabrics, we have grouped them for easier navigation on the website into three categories to assist you with pricing your chosen design easily.  This in turn doesn’t mean the elegant range is any less in quality than refined.  It really is just a case of assisting you in pricing your design quickly.

Payment and Delivery

  • Are bedheads covered by a warranty?
  • Yes, all bedheads and beds are covered by a 24 month structural warranty.  If you discover a structural imperfection with your bedhead please contact Heatherly Design. Please note that many fabrics have natural imperfections as part of their overall appearance and do not constitute a fault.  All fabrics will fade if directly exposed to sunlight, so avoid direct sunlight as this is not covered under warranty.

  • How do I set my bedhead or bed up?
  • All Heatherly Design bedheads and beds come with easy to follow instructions.
    To install a bedhead, it is a simple case of screwing the legs into the pre drilled holes – one just needs a Phillips head screw driver or drill!   Too easy!
    Our fully upholstered beds are locked together with an Allan key.  The slats are screwed into predrilled holes in the frame.
    Much easier than any Ikea flat pack I can assure you!!!

  • What is the process when it comes to delivery?
  • For interstate and regional orders, your order is packaged carefully and delivered to your door.  We work with our freight forwarder in meeting your expectations on the timing of your delivery.
    A fully upholstered bed arrives in three seperate boxes for easy manoeuvring in your home. All Melbourne orders are delivered and installed by the Heatherly Design team on either a Monday or Thursday in a nominated 3 hour time opening.

  • How long will it take once I place an order?
  • Our current production lead time is approximately 8 – 10 weeks from receipt of deposit.


  • What are the charges for freighting to my door?
  • All charges are included in our shopping cart for delivery into capital cities.  Where we are delivering into regional centres, we will confirm the price with a local freight forwarder in your area and liase with you directly on the relevant freight charge that will apply.

  • Do you freight Australia wide?
  • Yes, your custom made Heatherly Designed pieces are delivered direct to your home anywhere in Australia.

  • What is the payment process?
  • Upon confirmation of your design, a design specification is forwarded to you for approval.  Your order is confirmed with a 50% deposit.
    Payment options are via direct deposit or alternatively Visa and Mastercard facilities are available via BPAY®.