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Friday, March 16th, 2012

“Tablescapes” was a term I was first introduced to by David Hicks, a renowned interior designer from England.  In short it is the art of collating pieces on a table that tell a story either on their own or as a whole, each piece perfectly proportioned and placed.  David was so famous for his tablescapes that they were regularly auctioned off for charity. His work was featured on cover after cover of Sotheby’s auction house catalogues and English House and Garden for his renowned take on arranging pieces on a table.  When I saw the below tablescape in a magazine recently, it connected with me and I analysed why it was so appealing.  I loved the tray grouping the China dishes, roses filling two of the dishes added perfume and colour, beautiful hard covered books which encourage you to ponder, a collection of wooden boxes that tell a story of where they have come from and whilst all of this is going on, the colours all tie back beautifully with the interiors of the room.

I am forever remerchandising my tablescapes at home.  Three very important tablescapes I will be styling over the next few weeks are for our bedside tables for the next heatherly photoshoot .  Whilst I dont have as much room to play with on a side table, I love the story that can be told from the few pieces placed ever so carefully.  I look forward to sharing a heatherly tablescape or two with you shortly!