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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

What fun to be in bed with the rich & famous! Well not literally but over the holidays I started to think about some of our historical figures, what their bedrooms had looked like and if they were with us today which Heatherly bed would suit their style. I hope you enjoy this read as much I enjoyed writing it!

Georgie xx

We all loved Audrey Hepburn for her elegance and style so it’s not surprising her exquisite taste carried over to her interiors. This floral bed in her home at La Paisable, Switzerland is absolutely dreamy don’t you think? A woman after my own heart, she loved to garden and I’m sure would have been very taken with our Ralston in Designers Guild ‘Madame Butterfly’.


One of the most iconic shots of John Lennon is the bedroom image with Yoko Ono protesting war, however he also had a very regal looking bed in his Kenwood home, Surrey. Given his peace loving attitude and natural aesthetic, I think he’d be a fan of The Alessio today!


By no means a minimalist fan, Marie Antoinette absolutely loved opulent pattern and colour in her bedroom at Versailles. Did you know there was even a hidden doorway on the left of the bed that served as an escape route when Versailles was stormed by rioters in 1789? In 2017, she would most likely pare her bedroom down a little with our charming Luella in Emile Cerise.

Goodness me… I’m not sure if I adore or detest Elvis Presley’s ‘Hamburger’ bed! His Graceland home was full of countless mirrors and garish colour with a lightning bolt in bright yellow, blue and red even painted on the wall. But he was also a lover of luxurious velvet and I’m sure would have enjoyed endless nights in our Albertine!


With a deep appreciation for fine art, Jackie Kennedy set about restoring The White House to a more grander, authentic period home when John was elected President. With her love of French style, I can just see her enjoying a morning croissant in The Astor!


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