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Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

You’ve made it through the craziness of December and now it’s time to take a well earned break by the beach. But as you look around the beach house you realise it needs a little update. So I thought I’d share some of my tips for creating the perfect coastal bedroom. Pour yourself a vino, put your feet up and read on….


1. Be led by your bed.

The most important element of any bedroom is the bed. The type of bed and bedhead you choose will dictate the look and feel of the entire space. It’s the starting point of your room then how you decorate with linen, cushions and furniture will help create the mood. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and play with colour. What people often find surprising is this can actually create space and depth to a small space too.


2. Blues and greens should definitely be seen!

Bring the colours of the sky and ocean into your bedroom with shades of green, blue and navy. Your bedroom will come to life with indoor plants too adding a calming, tropical oasis. Include a floor rug for added texture and warmth.


3. Only the best for your guests.

Every guest bedroom should have extra pillows and blankets, fresh flowers & drinking water. I love the idea of lots of bed and floor cushions in natural fabrics for lazy afternoons reading. Create a nook at the end of the bed with a bench seat for extra comfort too.


4. Be a Nature Lover

Take your inspiration from nature with natural timbers and woods.  Sandy paint tones, driftwood browns and shades of the deep blue sea will help you achieve this. Earthy linens and clean graphic artwork finish the look. Bedside tables are a must for any room but keep them clean and practical so as to compliment the bedhead and not draw attention away from it.


5. Let there be light.

Ivory walls and white washed or oak timber floors create light. Simply opening windows and removing heavy curtains can make a world of difference. Incorporate one bold highlight colour to add depth. The bright orange of the sunrise is a great choice for a coastal bedroom.

                                                                                                  Georgie xx

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