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Friday, July 14th, 2017

After many requests from customers across the Tasman, I am incredibly excited to announce we are now delivering our customised, handcrafted pieces to New Zealand! And who better to test run our new service than New Zealand’s top Interior’s stylist/blogger Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser.

Michelle chose our much loved Rupert in Boston Oatmeal Linen for her bedroom and the result is absolutely stunning. Below is Michelle’s lovely feature on her Heatherly Design experience.

Georgie xx

Heatherly Design is an Australian-based company specialising in beautiful upholstered bedheads. A feature I have been wanting to add to our own bed for some time, I love how bedheads provide another layer of texture and finishing touch to the bedroom. With a stunning range on offer, including fully upholstered beds, footstools, storage boxes, bedside tables, cushions and more, Heatherly Design has been on my radar for a long time. A while ago they got in touch to say they were going to be shipping into New Zealand and gave me the opportunity to choose my own customised bedhead. I was thrilled!

Knowing that bed sizes in NZ differ to those in Australia, the customised service is a great feature. Not only can the bedhead be made to a specific size, Heatherly have an extensive range of beautiful fabrics to compliment the collection. When it came to choosing the bedhead design, I knew I wanted something quite simple and understated, and the Rupert is perfect. Featuring clean lines and a flanged edged detail, this bedhead lends itself beautifully to a natural linen fabric which is exactly the look I was after. Choosing from so many fabrics can be daunting, but the Heatherly Design website makes it easy by providing fabric and colour palette filters to refine your selection. I chose Linen in Boston Oatmeal and couldn’t be happier with the result!

For those who are after something a little more detailed, patterned or luxurious, there are lots of options, including the new season Autumn/Winter range. Two of my favourites include the Finley bedhead which features clean, classic borderlines inset with sewn panels, and the Oslo bedhead which was designed as an ode to the finest hotel styling. Featuring pared-back upholstered sophistication, it is finished in a new Italian ribbed velvet that enhances the panel design giving an aura of luxury and texture. Divine!

Celebrating 10 years of bespoke furniture design and craftsmanship, Heatherly Design offers attention to detail and personal styling that takes bedroom furnishing to a new level. Be sure to check out the entire range here.

Please note when purchasing that you will be liable for all delivery costs, import duties and taxes levied by NZ. If you are unsure of the charges that apply, please contact us here for more information.


Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

As a country girl myself, I have always been an avid reader of Country Style Magazine. So you can imagine my excitement when they came to our family farm. Photographer Lisa Cohen captured the essence of our home perfectly and it was such a pleasure hosting Lisa, Virginia Imhoff and Tess Newman Morris at Heatherly Acheron. Below is the article in Country Style Magazine’s May issue on sale now.


As soon as you turn in at the gate to Heatherly, a picture-book rural scene begins to unfold. There’s a mob of sleek black cattle lazing under majestic red gums and a long driveway gently climbing to a brimming dam. Further along the valley is a white timber homestead wrapped with deep verandahs and surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.53.43 pm

A 400-hectare family farm, Heatherly is home to Georgie and William Leckey, and their children — Eliza, 15, and Hugh, 13. It’s located in one of the most scenic parts of rural Victoria, nestled among the rounded hills of the fertile Acheron valley, 125 kilometres north-east of Melbourne. Heatherly has been in Will’s family since the 1970s.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.53.34 pm

“Will was interested in farming at school and he went on to do a course in agriculture,” Georgie says. “He went travelling overseas in 1991 and worked in agriculture in the UK.” Although Heatherly is primarily a grazing property, the Leckeys have an interesting sideline. Just beyond the homestead are 12 hectares of green tea bushes, varieties of Camellia sinensis, that Will planted in 2001. It’s a Japanese-style green tea that’s sold under the Two Rivers label. “The majority of it goes straight to Japan, with other sales in Australia and worldwide through our website.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.53.59 pm

Teenager Hugh is also a keen farmer — he runs his own mob of crossbred sheep and had about 260 lambs last year. He has also started a venture breeding Wessex Saddleback pigs. “He has two sows and recently got a boar,” says Georgie. Eliza, meanwhile, is away at boarding school during the term. But whenever she’s at home, she spends a lot of time at pony club and competes around the district on her grey Connemara mare, Kitty.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.54.10 pm

In 2005, Georgie started a bespoke bedhead business — Heatherly Design — in the old shearing shed out the back. Originally a cottage industry that began with Georgie making upholstered bedheads for family and friends, Heatherly Design now has a Melbourne-based showroom and workshop that is staffed by specialist upholsterers, as well as a Sydney showroom. “I did the bedheads on my own for six months, then I hired a local upholsterer whom I would work with for the day. Will and I would pack and freight the orders to Melbourne. That lasted until I had a big commercial enquiry in 2009 and I moved Heatherly Design to Melbourne, where all the manufacturing is done now. ”

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.54.17 pm

Although the pared-back look is currently in fashion, when it comes to home decorating Georgie’s unwavering passion is for the beautifully detailed soft furnishings and lush fabrics she discovered while working in the UK in the early 1990s. “I was nannying in a home that had deep buttoning, braids and gimps,” she says. “There was Colefax and Fowler ‘Fuchsia’ chintz fabric in my bathroom and I just adored that. I hung on to those memories, so I could recreate that look.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.54.20 pm

Georgie and Will met on a plane when returning from their overseas travels. Back in Melbourne, Georgie worked for Laura Ashley — where “it was all mix and match and no rules” — then in the decorating department at Georges on Collins Street, and at the fabric house, Wardlaw Fabrics. While at Wardlaw, she seized the opportunity to purchase the coveted ‘Fuchsia’ chintz from an oversupply in a client order, and stored it away for a future project.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.54.30 pm
After they married in 1998, Georgie and Will moved to the farm. “I came into the marriage, and to this house, with soft furnishings, a glory box of cushions, and a linen-covered chair,” Georgie says. The original four-room homestead was built in 1910, and Will’s parents added a sitting room and a lean-to style kitchen in the 1970s. A new wing, containing the bedroom Georgie and Will now occupy, a bathroom and Heatherly’s design studio, was built in the early ’90s. “The bones are the same but the house has had huge changes.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.54.35 pm

When the couple moved in, the homestead worked for them, and they only recently made some alterations to the layout. “I had to get a new laundry and, as we packed our tea in there, we decided to make the space a laundry–packing room. It made sense to move the kitchen to our bedroom, as there was only a wall between it and the sitting room,” Georgie says. The wall was removed and the new kitchen, completed last year, is open to the living area. The combination of painted Shaker-style cupboards, marble benchtops, a black Belling stove with matching rangehood and a splashback of black subway tiles give the kitchen a country feel with a modern edge. “We wanted the look of an English AGA, but chose the black Belling range cooker and a black resin sink, so the kitchen doesn’t look too traditional.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.54.38 pm

Engineered European oak flooring was installed in the hall and living areas, and the fireplace has a new mantel made from red gum milled on the property. Industrial-style steel-framed French doors now open to the verandah and the sitting room’s original windows have been replaced with much larger ones to capture the view of the surrounding landscape. “The room had smaller windows, but we wanted to be able to see up to the hills: this room is all about the view.”


We hear of the positive outcomes time and time again when we collaborate with like minded people.  Our home represents many pieces of works that have been a labour of love……  from two of my favourite artists Richard Claremont and Darren Gilbert, to Jacob our stone mason who travelled five hours to install our kitchen bench tops personally.   I am thrilled that their work has been acknowledged in this feature.  The beauty of opening our doors and sharing creates opportunities for us all to be inspired and connect with like minded people. 

in recognition of all the creatives who have helped create the heatherly home – Darren Gilbert Nest Drawing in Living Area, Tait Timber Oak Flooring, Schots Emporium Pendant Lights and Antler Chandelier, Charming Botanical Artwork in Sitting Room by Ali Wood, Remembered Landscape above Fireplace by Richard Claremont, Heatherly Design Hampton Wingback Bed in Designers Guild Cassandra fabric.

Georgie xx


Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

We often wonder what animals would say if they could talk, but wouldn’t it be interesting if beds could talk too? I’ve let my imagination run wild and had some fun with the idea of just what they may have to say below.

                                                           Georgie xx



I’m fortunate enough to live in a home with an amazing garden so there’s always the most incredible fresh flowers on the bedside table next to me. I often spy my owner working on her roses through the bedroom window. She loves colour and pattern… reading books in bed is one of her favourite past times.

Mirabelle Bed in Liaison Ocean Velvet cropped


I moved into this Sydney apartment, with its amazing Harbour views, last year. My designer owner throws a lot of dinner parties and I just love listening to the great conversations his guests have across the table. We have mutual admiration for each other, he loves me for my clean lines, comfort and modern design, whilst I enjoy peering over his shoulder when he sits in bed reading the papers or working on his laptop.



The strumming of the guitar is one of the loveliest sounds as my owner makes sweet music in the bedroom. A carefree spirit, she loves to dress me in beautiful linen, cushions and throws from her travels around the globe. Sundays are my favourite as she spends all morning with me, burning a candle on the bedside table and sipping tea.



Oh the stories I could tell! I like to make a statement and so does my owner… the perfect pairing. She loves to dress me in bold, clashing patterns and luxurious velvet and says life is for having fun… I couldn’t agree more!



We live with two young sisters who sometimes fight but still, love each other – and us. School holidays are the best as we get to see a whole lot more of them with days spent drawing, reading and talking about boys. It’s a colourful, playful life in this room full of noise, laughter & joy.

You can find out more about any of these bedheads here








Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

I feel so lucky to have found this gem of a person! Shelley joined Heatherly as our Sydney Showroom Manager after a highly acclaimed career as an Interior Designer in Dallas, Texas. Not only does she share my love of art and design, but also a passion for bringing clients bedroom dreams to life. Read on to find out more about this design dynamo….

After many years as an Interior Designer in Texas, you’ve recently joined the Heatherly Design team as the Sydney Showroom Manager. We’d love to hear about your work in The States.

After graduating from college and working ten years in real-estate, I shifted my focus to pursue a lifelong love for art and design. In 2011, I set out to launch my Interior eDesign Studio. I feel blessed that business took off fairly quickly and to date have worked with nearly 100 clients all around the world. In the midst of the eDesign studio launch and many projects in, I began home staging & styling and earned my certification along the way. In Dallas, I worked one on one with clients doing personal in-home consultations, styling, and staging while also managing my eDesign projects. It’s been a whirlwind yet very fulfilling experience for me to see a career in a field that I am so passionate about truly come to life.

Have you noticed a difference in style between American and Australian interiors?

Living in Sydney has been so rewarding and a place of inspiration for me. On a daily basis, I feel fortunate to grow and develop artistically while taking in the gorgeous architecture, the way of life and general sense of style here. Overall, I would say that the design world is very different here. I’ve noticed that Australian homes and design in general can be slightly more on the conservative side leaning towards a minimalistic (yet chic) look and on a much smaller scale size wise. I also see a lot of “stylish modesty” and play it safe proving a more structured look. American homes, in general, have more of a “freestyle” outlook and a “not so serious” design approach. Colour and pattern play is huge and for most designers is a must.

3. What do you see as the biggest trends coming through for 2017?

When it comes to colour, expect to see more of the earthy tones like terracotta, rust, burgundy, pale pinks, deep greens, mustard, camel-beige and even more dusky blues like denim. There will be a continuation of the Artisan-Global look which is great because these goods can easily be mixed with modern and even vintage furniture. We will see an increase in bringing nature into the home with more organic and natural materials such as plants, reclaimed wood, rattan, stone, cork and even some utility materials. I think there will be an increase in pattern play. We will see more contrasting mixes of florals, stripes, geometrics, mud cloth, kilim and batik prints while incorporating into a scheme. Regardless of your taste or style, I think individuality is most important today and for 2017. Blending in “some” of the latest looks into your home is key here so that the room doesn’t have an overly trendy feel, in doing so you will create and achieve your own authentic style.

Could you give our readers some tips on how to create the perfect bedroom?

To me creating a peaceful bedroom is most important and can do wonders for your state of mind. To do so, I would suggest starting with a paint colour or wallpaper that makes you happy. Next, select a stylish bedhead, side tables, natural fibre bedding, beautiful artwork, lighting, curtains, plush rug and a fur or cashmere coordinating throw to top the bed to polish off the space. Surrounding your room also with beautiful family photos, collected art, candles, flowers and patterned cushions will create an unexpected and organic feel.

And finally, what do you enjoy most about working with Heatherly Design?

There is so much I enjoy about working with Heatherly Design! I love the collaboration of people that I work with and being part of such a fashionable company.
Learning more about my client’s interior goals and needs is so important to me. I find it exciting to work one on one in helping achieve a vision together while providing a creative design solution.


Shelley in our Sydney Showroom

To book a one on one consultation at our Sydney Showroom click here





Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Sometimes you meet people and feel as though you’ve known them your whole life. That’s exactly what happened when I met Anna Spiro! Having long admired the work of this talented Interior Designer, the introduction of her new textile collection was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate. Our shared passion for pattern, colour and texture combined with our individual creative inspirations harmoniously came together and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result!

Anna launched her unique range of fabrics in September. Made exclusively by hand in Australia, the collection is first illustrated and then screen-printed onto fine Belgian Linen. They became the most inspiring starting point for the bespoke, hand crafted Heatherly pieces you’ll find in this, the first of our exciting new “Art Series’.

The first story features our Clareville bedhead in a deep blue Kahuna Anna Spiro fabric with a contrast pipe. This is teamed with a Kaka Duck Fenwick chair and Adele footstool at the end of the bed finished in the charming Anna Spiro Paniola print.  This bedroom was inspired by a
recent visit to Clareville, a stunning spot north of Sydney, where the pace is slow, the boats are charming and the feeling is good!

Clareville bedhead finished in Kahuna navy


The Luella bedhead, finished in Anna Spiro’s Leilani fabric, comes alive in this stunning bedroom where the duo’s passion for pattern, texture, layering and colour come together. This story pays homage to designers such as Anna Spiro and UK design maven Kit Kemp, who are not afraid to follow their convictions. Custom made lighting combined with a stunning shoebox are all finished in Anna Spiro’s fabrics.

Luella finished in Leilani


The Genevieve story highlights two single beds in Anna’s Kahuna multi fabric. Perfect for girls who are sharing a room, it is a colourful and light-hearted mix of colours that can extend well beyond a young girls room into a teenage room. An opportunity to be more confident in having a bit of fun with fabric selection and colours – Kahuna teamed with Kaka Duck cushions and other stunning accessories is a great way of expressing this.

Genevieve bedhead finished in Kahuna multi, lampshades finished in Paniola yellow, pink, navy


I’m so incredibly proud of this joyful collection and must say a very special thank you to those who were instrumental in this vision coming to life! Michelle of Pennington Interiors and our design house, the beyond talented Beck Simon for dressing each space to perfection and the extraordinary photographer Lisa Cohen who frames a photo like no other.

And I must mention the wonderful brands whose accessories added the ultimate finishing touches – Bonnie and Neil, Kip & Co, The Family Love Tree, The Woodsfolk, House of Orange, Milk & Sugar, Milton & King, Sam Michelle, Canvas and Sasson, Floorspace Australia, Godfrey Hirst, Bonnie and Neil, St Albans Textiles, Norsu Interiors & Major Minor.

Georgie xx

To view the entire Anna Spiro ‘Art Series’ collection please click here.


Five essential steps towards decorating your child’s bedroom

Monday, September 19th, 2016

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, there are so many options it can be difficult to know where to start. To make things a little easier before you set about creating the perfect oasis for your little ones I thought these five essentials steps may come in handy…

1. Allow for growth

Invest in a double or queen size bed now and you won’t have to replace their single bed in years to come. Don’t feel the need to fill the space up all in one go – leaving space for your child to customise themselves will help them feel as though it really is their very own haven. Allow room for extra storage options too. As children get older, the types and size of their toys can change.


My Son’s bedroom.

2. Showcase their favourite things

Frame their favourite poster or some of their artwork and provide shelves for their toys or trophies.  It will keep things tidy and add colour and interest.


Image via Pinterest

3. Incorporate warm, fun textures

Play with texture through wallpaper, bedding lights or rug. Young children find comfort in a soft, cosy rug to play on and a patterned wallpaper makes the ideal backdrop to a fabric bedhead.


My Daughter’s sanctuary!

4. Let there be light!

Bedside and desk lamps are a must. Soft dim lighting for evening will keep the space comforting and warm and encourage bedtime reading and a good nights sleep!


Image via Pinterest

5. Stick to a colour palette

Letting your child choose a favourite colour is a great starting point. Use neutrals to balance out the bold. White linen is great as you can mix and match colours depending on their age. For example, it’s easy to take away soft pastels in cushions, blankets and toys and add in vibrant colours as your child matures.


Our Fenwick Bedhead in Husk Amalfi.

Before embarking on decorating your child’s bedroom, it may also be a good idea to ask them what they think would make the bedroom. I decided to pose the question to a few children and the responses were delightful, if somewhat unachievable in some instances!

Jasmine, Aged 12

” A double bed with nice cushions to make it like a lounge room. A cool doonah cover, a window seat, desk, bronze things, cool lighting & speakers.”

Maggie, Aged 8

“A bed with desk underneath known as a ” Lob”. A basketball ring on bed and somewhere for trophies, speakers & microphone….lights & cool pics on the wall. Also under the bed is a couch to talk with friends & a mirror.”

Ned, Aged 11

“The perfect bedroom would have enough space to play. It would have good shelving for trophies & medals and space for my drums/instruments.”

Violet, Aged 7

“I would like a princess bed with a round head board and curtains flowing down from above. I would also like butterflies on the walls and a pink tall boy with edible lollies all over it, jelly bedside tables and chocolate shelves with lots of books on it.”

Amelia, Aged 4

“A chocolate bunk bed that you can eat with a marshmallow pillow, and a chocolate statue. Raining lollies from the ceiling and a ladder that you can tap the roof in case it stops raining lollies”


For more information on how Heatherly can help you create the perfect bedroom for your child please contact us here