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Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

I am so proud to launch a new season of divine bedheads and bedroom furnishings in luxurious winter palettes.

Celebrating 10 years of bespoke furniture design and craftsmanship, our ethos is to offer clients attention to detail and personal styling that takes bedroom furnishing to a new level.

I hope that you love this new collection as much as we do and thought you may like to view this behind the scenes video that captures the heart and soul of our business.

Georgie xx


View the New Collection here

My Christmas Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Two of my absolute favourite new Heatherly bedheads this season were our Sackville and Ralston in Madame Butterfly. I love the way our team styled these looks… they just sing! Inspired by this, I’ve put together a selection of gift ideas that are definitely on my wishlist this Christmas!   Georgie xx


1. Cultiver Goods Bed Linen www.cultivergoods.com 2. Knotty Oteki Throw www.knotty.com.au 3. Round Cushion www.norsu.com.au 4. Crocheted Raffia Basket www.safariliving.com 5. Wall Hanging www.hkliving.com.au 6. Concrete Pot www.simpleform.com.au




1. Eadie Lifestyle Lynette Cushion www.eadielifestyle.com.au 2. White Rooms Coffee Table Book www.readings.com.au 3. Di Volo Stool www.safariliving.com 4. Reindeer Hide Throw www.abodeliving.com 5. Eberson Grass Rug www.designersguild.net.au 6. Folded Vase www.simpleform.com.au


To find out more about our Sackville and Ralston Bedheads click here

Five essential steps towards decorating your child’s bedroom

Monday, September 19th, 2016

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, there are so many options it can be difficult to know where to start. To make things a little easier before you set about creating the perfect oasis for your little ones I thought these five essentials steps may come in handy…

1. Allow for growth

Invest in a double or queen size bed now and you won’t have to replace their single bed in years to come. Don’t feel the need to fill the space up all in one go – leaving space for your child to customise themselves will help them feel as though it really is their very own haven. Allow room for extra storage options too. As children get older, the types and size of their toys can change.


My Son’s bedroom.

2. Showcase their favourite things

Frame their favourite poster or some of their artwork and provide shelves for their toys or trophies.  It will keep things tidy and add colour and interest.


Image via Pinterest

3. Incorporate warm, fun textures

Play with texture through wallpaper, bedding lights or rug. Young children find comfort in a soft, cosy rug to play on and a patterned wallpaper makes the ideal backdrop to a fabric bedhead.


My Daughter’s sanctuary!

4. Let there be light!

Bedside and desk lamps are a must. Soft dim lighting for evening will keep the space comforting and warm and encourage bedtime reading and a good nights sleep!


Image via Pinterest

5. Stick to a colour palette

Letting your child choose a favourite colour is a great starting point. Use neutrals to balance out the bold. White linen is great as you can mix and match colours depending on their age. For example, it’s easy to take away soft pastels in cushions, blankets and toys and add in vibrant colours as your child matures.


Our Fenwick Bedhead in Husk Amalfi.

Before embarking on decorating your child’s bedroom, it may also be a good idea to ask them what they think would make the bedroom. I decided to pose the question to a few children and the responses were delightful, if somewhat unachievable in some instances!

Jasmine, Aged 12

” A double bed with nice cushions to make it like a lounge room. A cool doonah cover, a window seat, desk, bronze things, cool lighting & speakers.”

Maggie, Aged 8

“A bed with desk underneath known as a ” Lob”. A basketball ring on bed and somewhere for trophies, speakers & microphone….lights & cool pics on the wall. Also under the bed is a couch to talk with friends & a mirror.”

Ned, Aged 11

“The perfect bedroom would have enough space to play. It would have good shelving for trophies & medals and space for my drums/instruments.”

Violet, Aged 7

“I would like a princess bed with a round head board and curtains flowing down from above. I would also like butterflies on the walls and a pink tall boy with edible lollies all over it, jelly bedside tables and chocolate shelves with lots of books on it.”

Amelia, Aged 4

“A chocolate bunk bed that you can eat with a marshmallow pillow, and a chocolate statue. Raining lollies from the ceiling and a ladder that you can tap the roof in case it stops raining lollies”


For more information on how Heatherly can help you create the perfect bedroom for your child please contact us here